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Presentation of Lem

Group of impassioned motor bikes, men and women, which likes the motor bike and all that surrounds it, want to share their enthusiasm.

       They decide into 2005 to create a club: LANDUDEC ESCAPE MOTOR BIKE (LEM), which counts already 12 members and who have all kinds of motor bikes of all rolled to leave de125cm3.

       Association only requires to be packed and take part in community life of the commune.

       The goal of the club is to learn how with all to be useful itself of a motor bike, to carry out stroll and to take part in exits of motorcyclists with all the user-friendliness which surrounds them. It is also to give technical councils, to give in a state of old models, to make take again life with old mountings.

       Thus Frederic Quiniou, who is in the first square of the creators of the club, left anonymity an old motor bike manufactured in 1973 in East Germany, a MZ 125 which slept very rusted daN a barn. From now on it rolls and extremely well…